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Site Map

Livestock Market


A modern livestock market has become necessity for Biga who has important role to develop investment about animal husbandry. Livestock which we set up on 14000 square metres region in 2006,is regenerating day by day to meet the need of our region. We direct our invesments in accordance with markets’ needs. For this reason, we have increased our indoor area from 180 bigwigs area to 360 bigwigs area in 2010. Also we have increased our indoor area from 250 small cattle area to 500 small cattle area.

Besides, animals’ illnesses and epidemics are  very important subject. From this point of view, we have been controlled all of our animals by vets since we settled down this livestock market. We  disinfect all vehicles which enter this market place with blasting system and disinfected pool. By this way, we can protect animals’ from ilnesses. We built a shelter to interfere sick animals. Also we have bought ultrasound device to control animals’ pregnancy and  put into service under the control of vet.

We have put bascule into service which can control weight of livestock, because we know that our merchants pay attention animals’ weight to buy. We have put our mosque and recreational facility into service with the aim of , transforming livestock market which to a social-life centre opens at 5:00, on Wednesday.
Now each offical paperwork can be done and all papers which are organized by Biga Municipality and District Agriculture directore can be organized at our Office. We promise that services and quality will keep increasing and we are waiting all merchants to our Exchance’s Livestock Market.

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